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Grodno Castle

Local name: Zamek Grodno

Placed in an exceptionally attractive location, the monumental building can be found on overgrown with vegetation high hill Choina. Beautiful view on the surrounding area can be admired from the top of the brick tower towering over the hill. Since 1965, the castle's halls serve as a museum presenting the items which were found in the building after the war, and items borrowed from the Regional Museum in Wałbrzych.

The first traces of the castle's existence date back to 1315 - the times of the Świdnica-Jawor duchy. In the second half of the 14th century, the building was expanded with the upper part, guard tower and agricultural fortifications and buildings. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the castle was resided by robber-knights who did not care about the castle's proper state. The Swedish Deluge during which the walls were heavily damaged also did not help. The next misfortune was the thunder strike which burnt the tower in 1689.

Occupied by servants, the monumental construction had been decaying until 1824 when it got in the hands of historian Jan Gustawa Büschnig from Wrocław. Since that time, the castle has been regularly prepared for tourist purposes.


Attractions inside

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