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Project "Riese" - Włodarz Complex

Local name: "Riese" - Kompleks Włodarz

Włodarz is the largest Project Riese complex open to the public. The whole of the adit is a series of corridors crossing at right angles and forming a grid. The area of ​​the complex stretches over a huge space, and the entrances to it are also located in several other places. About one third of the object is flooded with water, and the length of the corridors is 3,200 m.

An interesting and diverse route leads through large corridors and huge halls, and the biggest attraction is the possibility of passing some of the flooded tunnels by boat. It is worth paying attention to the exhibition of military technique situated outside the complex.

The underground city of Włodarz is one of the greatest attractions of Lower Silesia, especially for lovers of the history of World War II. The main reason for the commencement of the building of the underground Riese complex was the intensifying bombings of Allies on Germany, which had caused massive damage to industrial plants. The Germans were forced to move strategic ordnance factories into safe areas and conceal them from the air raids. The Owl Mountains were considered as such safe area.


Attractions inside

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