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Walim Adits

Local name: Sztolnie Walimskie

The Walimskie Drifts are a part of the huge underground complex Riese. The museum consists of the pavilion where souvenirs related to the Riese complex are displayed: documents, tools, and equipment used during construction. Worthy of attention is also the outdoor exhibition of weapons from World War II.

The underground tourist track leads through impressively large halls amounting to 80m in length, 10m in height and 8m in width. The temperature inside is constant and ranges between -7 to 5 degrees Celsius. The guard-house which displays items and very few documents related to Riese is one of the attractions on the 500-meters track. The tour is a fascinating journey to the past during which visitors can learn about one of the biggest mysteries of World War II. "Rzeczka" complex was opened for visits in 1995.

Since 1943, Germans carried out large-scale underground construction works in the region of the Owl Mountains. The construction was never finished. What remained is the series of underground complexes and buildings on the surface. The construction of the complex was carried out by prisons from the Gross Rosen concentration camp. According to the estimations, around 28 thousand workers were hired from which the majority died due to the devastating work or was killed by guards. The uniqueness of the Riese complex for years attracts crowds of researchers, tourists, and adventurers to the region of Lower Silesia.


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