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Japanese Garden

Local name: Ogród Japoński

Located inside: Szczytnicki Park

The beautiful and atmospheric garden in Szczytnicki Park is an ideal place for lovers of the Far East where its architecture, Romantic bridges, cascades, and fantastic vegetation brought from Japan can be admired. It's a great place for enjoying a silence, tranquility and an exceptional harmony typical for Japanese philosophy of life.

The history of the garden has over 100 years. Its opening coincides with the World's Fair from 1913. The design of the garden is a work of count Fritz von Hochberg, the enthusiast of Japan, and Japanese plant architect and gardener Mankichi Arai. The first garden was opened only during the fair. It wasn't available for inhabitants until the 1960s, when the installations were repaired, however, its former glory was restored after 1994 with a help of Japanese embassy and experts from Nagoya.


Attractions inside

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