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number 5 in the city

Centennial Hall

Local name: Hala Stulecia

The modern Discovery Center which presents the interesting history of Centennial Hall, Wrocław, the region, and other objects from the UNESCO list is located in the complex. The center consists of the four rooms equipped with modern multimedia devices which make a consistent whole: Visitor Center, History Hall, Education and Knowledge Hall, and Gallery.

The wonderful light and sound show of video mapping presenting the construction of the building can be admired under the dome. The impressive complex also consists of the artistic model of old Lviv. Just like in the old times, numerous massive events including world and Europe championships in many sports, and also concerts of the biggest world stars take place in the hall.

The hall was entered in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's one of a kind construction and the oldest reinforced concrete building. Despite the hall was built in 1913, it didn't lose any of its charm and functionality.

Centennial Hall map
Wystawowa 151-618 Wrocław , Poland