number 1 in the city


Local name: Afrykarium

Located inside: Wrocław Zoo

The huge Wrocław's oceanarium is a complex of 19 pools, the modern three-stories building, and the outdoor exhibition. The biggest attraction in the oceanarium is the 18m transparent tunnel through which visitors can see a coral reef, sharks and other fish inhabiting the Mozambique Channel.


The oceanarium shows 4 ecosystems and animals living in the waters surrounding Africa. The Africanarium presents inhabitants of Africa rivers and lakes such as crocodiles, hippopotamus, and fish. The modern Wrocław's oceanarium is one of the few places where a rich flora and fauna of Africa can be viewed.



The complex also consists of the conference and didactic rooms, restaurant, observation deck, and souvenir shop. This unique on a European scale place is beating the records of a number of guests since its opening in 2014.



Attractions inside

    Afrykarium map
    Z. Wróblewskiego 1-551-618 Wrocław , Poland