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number 80 in the city

Ossoliński National Institute

Local name: Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich

The almost 200-year-old Ossoliński National Institute is a foundation and a network of science, culture and museum facilities. Guests can explore the courtyard and visit the reading room. Exhibitions are occasionally organized in the building.

Apart from numerous collections presented on exhibitions and sharing library stocks, the institute goal is also, in a broad sense, promotion of culture through exhibitions, publishing, conservation, bookbinding, and also educational and promotional activities.

A unit of the institute is also Witnesses to History Departments which aim at popularization of the collections of Władysław Bartoszewski and Jan Nowak-Jezioriański. Other parts of the institute are Museum of Lubomirski Princes collecting historical souvenirs and art, Pan Tadeusz Museum presenting the culture of the era in a context of the epic poem, and Ossoliński Library.


Attractions inside

    Ossoliński National Institute map
    Szewska 3750-139 Wrocław , Poland