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Leśnica Castle

Local name: Zamek w Leśnicy

The impressive building made of plastered brick is characterized by the two-winged architectural layout and three floors. The object is surrounded by a moat and fortifications with roundel bastions. The cellars of the castle present relics from the 13th century. The castle was renovated in 1995 and today is a headquarters of Wrocław Culture Center "The Castle".

There is a legend related to the castle about the penitent ghost of one of the owners - Count Horace von Forno. The castle isn't the first building which stood in this place. Its predecessor was a wooden construction from 1132 which belonged to the king of Czech and since 1339 passed from hands to hands. In 1420, patrician Michael Banke was the first to built here a brick castle with a moat.

Because it had many owners, the place has an exceptionally rich history. The castle was destroyed and rebuilt in a slightly different style, and expanded with additional parts. The place was visited by, among others, Maximilian II, Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine, and Jérôme Bonaparte. After World War II, the castle had been abandoned. In 1974 the cellars and casemates were renovated while the elevation was restored in 1995.


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