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number 24 in the city


Local name: Hydropolis

Hydropolis in Wrocław is a place consisting of interesting exhibitions presenting different faces of water. The displays are situated in the area of 4000m2 which is divided into eight sections. The expositions are complemented by multimedia presentations. The newest attractions are the catalog of shipwrecks, the atlas of clouds, and the game "Sonar".

Water is presented in the context of its origin and presence in the universe as a source of life, fuel for hydrodynamic devices, and also in the reference to city waterworks and submarine journey in the monumental bathyscaphe Trieste from 1960 which, crewed by two people, traveled to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The center operates since 2015 and is the only object of that type in Poland.

Hydropolis is located in the monumental building which, in the past, served as a tank of potable water. The exhibitions presented here are an example of the most modern technique thanks to which phenomena related to water were depicted. The interesting fact is that the entrance to Hydropolis is equipped with a water wall which needs to be gone through in order to get inside. No visitor get wet thanks to the phototube.


Attractions inside

    Hydropolis map
    Na Grobli 1750-421 Wrocław , Poland