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number 29 in the city

Galeria Dominikańska

Local name: Galeria Dominikańska

Galeria Dominikańska in Wrocław is a shopping center that has been operating since 2001. On three floors, there are over 100 clothing, footwear, jewelery, cosmetics and sports stores. There are bank branches, bookstores, a fitness club, a pharmacy and a massage parlor. Customers have at their disposal a three-level car park with 900 parking spaces.

In 2001, the building of the shopping center was awarded by the Association of Polish Architects with an award in the field of architecture. In addition to the retail and service space, it also houses offices and the Mercure Panorama hotel, belonging to the French hotel group Accor.

Special events are regularly held at the center. There was, among others, Retro Games exhibition, where you could see over 40 models of computers from the 1980s and 1990s.


Attractions inside

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    plac Dominikański 350-159 Wrocław , Poland