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Henryk Teisseyre Museum of Geology

Local name: Muzeum Geologiczne im. Henryka Teisseyre

The Henryk Teisseyre Museum of Geology invites to study the mysteries of geology and history of the Sudetes flora and fauna in the context of the collection of fossils and rocks.

The collection consists of about 20 thousand items presented in six theme exhibitions dedicated to the evolution of flora and fauna, stratigraphy of the Sudetes rocks, their structure and formation, and also the geological structure of the Ślęża Massif. The exhibitions also give an opportunity to learn about the history of Lower-Silesian copper and see the most interesting findings discovered in the Sudetes. The museum occasionally organizes temporary theme exhibitions related to the geology.

The rich collections of the facility are the remains of the first, private collection which had been built by consecutive directors of the Mineralogical Office since 1812. Only one-third of the collection preserved after turmoils of the war. It was then taken over by the Polish Geological Institute and since 1975 is a still expanding collection of the Henryk Teisseyre Museum of Geology.


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    Wojciecha Cybulskiego 30 Wrocław , Poland