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number 30 in the city

Aquapark Wrocław

Local name: Aquapark Wrocław

The Aquapark in Wroclaw is an extremely modern water park, open all year round, offering a wide range of attractions for people of all ages, both swimming and non-swimmers. It has been adapted to the needs of athletes, as well as residents of Wrocław who want to enjoy relaxation and peace.

The Wroclaw water park has a complex of recreational and sports pools of different temperature and depth. Among them, the most interesting are the pools with internal and external parts, open all year round due to the high water temperature. In addition to the pools in the Wroclaw Aquapark, there are also Jacuzzis and children's pools as well as attractions such as the lazy river or the wave pool.

The Aquapark also has 7 slides of various lengths. The most interesting of them is the multimedia slide, and the longest - Magic Eye (186 m long).

At the Aquapark in Wrocław there are also a gym and a fitness zone, as well as a sauna room including dry Finnish saunas, steam rooms, bio saunas and other rooms.


Attractions inside

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    Borowska 9950-558 Wrocław , Poland