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Potocki Mausoleum

Local name: Mauzoleum Potockich

Located inside: Wilanów Palace

Potocki Mausoleum is a neo-gothic stone tomb, located on the park front of the Wilanow Palace, a style referring to the gravestone of King Casimir the Great. The structure consists of a massive pedestal and a canopy supported by four lions with Coats of arms and Lubomirski.

Sarcophagus was issued on the initiative of Alexander, son of Aleksandra and Stanisław Kostka Potocki in 1836 and is a homage to the parents. Among the decorative elements are the 16 arcades, where the personifications of the virtues attributed to Stanisław were placed, and also reflected his interests and accomplishments. There are also inscription plaques of the spouses, coats of arms and orders of the White Eagle, Saint Stanislaus and the Legion of Honor, given to Potocki.

The tombstone dedicated to Potocki was designed by Henryk Marconi and was made from sandstone szydłowiec in 1834-1836. The project was designed by Jakub Tatarkiewicz and Konstanty Hegel.


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