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number 2 in the city

Shaft Sylvester Entrance to the black trout chanel

Local name: Szyb Sylwester Wejście do sztolni czarnego pstrąga

It is a 600 meters part of the longest dewatering adit in the region, that belongs to a mine ore “Fryderyk”. This object was recognized as a Historic Monument and a part of the Silesian Industrial Monuments Route. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. One can visit the adit on the boat.

During a guided tour, tourists can watch small stalactites and parts of an adit pavement. They have an opportunity to learn the history of the mining of Tarnowskie
Góry while sitting in the boats. Black Trout Adit is the longest underground rafting route in Poland.

The adit is open for visitors since 1957. It is located between the adits Ewa and Sylwester, at a depth of 20 meters.


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