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Szrenica - 1361 m

Local name: Szrenica - 1361 m n.p.m.

The top of the Szklarska Poręba mountain peak is 1362 m in height and is a popular summer destination for mountain hikers as well as winter skiers. On the slopes of Szrenica there are 20 km of pistes of varying difficulty with snow conditions comparable to those in the Alps.

The main Sudety Trail leads to the top, and for the less active tourists - the chair lift of SKI ARENY Szrenica. On the northern and western slopes, a green trail runs from the Szrenicka hut to the Pod Łabskim Peak.

At the top of the mountain is the famous mountain cottage Szrenica. You can also see interesting rock groups: Końskie Łby, Szronowiec and Trzy Świnki. The Szrenica is also a great point of view, on clear days you can see Kłodzko Valley, Jizera Mountains and Kaczawskie Mountains.


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