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Stóg Izerski - 1105 m

Local name: Stóg Izerski - 1105 m n.p.m.

Stóg, also known as Stóg Izerski from the name of the nearest village, is one of the highest (1105 meters above sea level) mountains in Jizera Mountains. It is located near the Polish-Czech border on the western periphery of Wysoki Grzbiet. The mountain is overgrown with a spruce forest. There are a number of touristic routes there, among others, a section of the Main Sudetenland Trail from Świeradów-Zdrój to Hala Szrenicka. The source of the river Izera flows out of Stóg.

Since 2008, a gondola lift which has an upper station located at 1060 meters above sea level height, operates here. Under its route,  there is a ski run 2,5 kilometers long (height difference around 1500 meters). Gondola lift is being used for skiing, hiking and cycling. Under the peak, on the northern part of the slope, there is a mountain shelter (nowadays it belongs to PTTK), which was built in 1924.

Since the end of the nineteenth century, on the top of Stog Izerski there was a wooden observation tower, which was dismounted due to its bad technical condition. Nowadays there is a telecommunication mast.



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