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Topacz Automotive Museum

Local name: Muzeum Motoryzacji Topacz

Located inside: Topacz Castle

Museum located in the Topacz court complex has a collection consisting of about 100 cars and motorcycles. The most valuable exhibits include the unique pre-war models of: Fiat 508 and motorcycle Sokół 1000 and such rarities as the Ford T, or Buick from 1914.

The collection of the museum is enriched by the collection of Polish and foreign cars produced in the countries of people's democracy in the years 1945-1989, such as Warszawa, Mikrus, Wartburg, Skoda and many more. Among the exhibits are cars produced after the war, including a rich collection of American and European cars, such as Jaguar, Maserati, Ferrari, Rover and many other brands.

The museum is the only place in the country where you can admire every Polish motorcycle produced in series after the war. There is also a rich collection of foreign motorcycles, among others: Harley-Davidson, NSU and Indian. The museum annually organizes the rallies of historic vehicles and events related to motorization.

In addition to the exhibition activities, the museum also offers rental of working vehicles.


Attractions inside

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    Główna 1255-040 Ślęza , Poland