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Topacz Castle

Local name: Zamek Topacz

The Renaissance building attracts the attention with the beautiful design and architectonic decorations. One of the attractions of the object is one of the two preserved residential towers in the region. The former carriage house operates today as the museum of motorization which presents monumental vehicles from the last 150 years. The complex is complemented by agricultural buildings.

The luxurious spa hotel with banquet halls and golf field is located in the castle. The history of the place started in the two-stories residential-defensive tower which in 1618 was expanded with a Renaissance south wing, and Baroque north wing in the 18th century. The two-stories building was expanded with another two floors.

The complex was a property of an owner of confectionery company for 70 years, until World War II, and thanks to that it wasn't destroyed. After the war, the castle served as a youth detention center. It's a private property since 1996. The renovation, however, was initiated by Mr. and Mrs. Kurzewski - owners of ATM company who made it into a hotel.


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Główna 1255-040 Ślęza , Poland