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Łabski Szczyt - 1471 m

Local name: Łabski Szczyt - 1471 m n.p.m.

Rising up to a height of 1,471 m, built of Krkonoše granite, Łabski Szczyt (Czech Violík) is a viewpoint on the Polish and Czech Giant Mountains. It owes its name to the Elbe sources, which are located on its southwestern slopes, on the Czech side of the border. The line dividing the territory of Poland and the Czech Republic runs in the sub-mountain parts of the mountain (its top lies on the Polish side).

Łabski Szczyt is the third of the highest mountains in the Polish part of the Giant Mountains - it is second only to Śnieżka (1,602 m) and Wielki Szyszak (1509 m). At the foot of the summit, at an altitude of 1,168 m above sea level, there is the Pod Łabskim Szczytem Shelter - one of the oldest facilities of this type in Poland, erected as early as the 17th century.

Unique, closely protected lichen species grow on the slopes of the Elbe Peak: the Alpine pattern (Rhizocarpon alpicola) and the ring wallpaper (Arctoparmelia centrifuga). Some of them are very old, despite their relatively small size - the annual growth of these organisms usually does not exceed 1 mm.


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