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Wroclaw Gate

Local name: Brama Wrocławska

Artillery tower (basteja) erected in the years 1325-1380 in place of the previous wooden structure. Initially, the Wroclaw Gate (formerly Trzebnicka) was two-story. Around 1532, the gate was rebuilt with one or two storeys, giving the tower its final form, partly preserved to this day. Currently, the building has exhibition functions.

Originally, under the vaulted passage there were guard rooms with a mechanism for lowering and retracting the harrow. The top of the highest floor was crowned with a defensive bridge with battlements. The tower survived until the 30-year war, when it was demolished partly on the orders of Swedish general Arvid Wirtenberg von Debern. The tower was renovated in 1652 by prince Sylwiusz Nimrod Wirtemberg.

In the 19th century, Oleśnica's defensive buildings eventually lost their military significance and hindered urban transport. The Wroclaw Gate was to be demolished, as were the other three Olesnica strongholds: the Oławska Gate, called the Namysłowska Gate and the St. Mary's. The future emperor Frederick III opposed the demolition, thanks to which the tower gained the status of a monument and underwent a general renovation.



Wroclaw Gate map
Wrocławska 2356-400 Oleśnica, Poland