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City walls and Wrocław Gate Tower

Local name: Mury miejskie i wieża Bramy Wrocławskiej

Oleśnica defensive walls are a remnant of fortifications from the 13th century, of which 1650 m have survived to this day, covering an area of 18 ha. Within the walls, there is also the Wroclaw Gate, restored in 2001, which now houses an art gallery and a Cultural Information Point. From the southern side, you can still see the semicircular towers - near Cieszyńskiego Street and around Wałowa Street - strengthening the fortifications.

The original walls of red burned brick were built on the site of earlier earth embankments. They belonged to very solid. Currently, their height exceeds 8.50 m, and the width of the crown - 0.5 m. The base of the walls is on average 2.10 meters. The walls are also double.

Due to the wetlands located on the northern side of the city, the defensive walls naturally protecting the inhabitants in this part were less fortified. The entrance to the city was ensured by four gates, of which three - Namysłowska, Trzebnicka and Mariacka - were demolished in the 19th century. The reason for the demolition was the expansion of the city and the need to develop the area. An interesting fact is that the original outline of the walls resembles a heart. The walls of Oleśnica have been systematically restored since 1950.



City walls and Wrocław Gate Tower map
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