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Milicz Ponds

Local name: Stawy Milickie

The unusual nature reserve covering an area of 5,324.31 ha is a real kingdom of birds, among which you can find here about 120 nesting and about 50 passing species. Lovers have the opportunity to meet cranes, herons, black storks, hawks, ospreys and many other winged guests.

It is an ideal place to observe nature both during hiking trips as well as kayaking, cycling or horse riding. Since 1995, the reserve has been on the list of protected areas. The history of the reserve dates back to the nineteenth century, when naturalists became interested in birds in this area. The area in the Barycz Valley is a complex of natural water reservoirs, which was initially fully protected, creating an area of 600 sq km in 1949. The restriction of this area is the result of the wealth of fish that has proved to be a valuable commercial product.

In 1963, the protected zone was limited to 5 pond complexes - Ruda Sułowska, Potasznia Południe, Stawno, Radziądz and Jamnik, reducing the reserve's area to 53 km. Over the next decade, the ponds were rebuilt to increase fish production. The reserve took its present form in 1973, including 6 breeding ponds.


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