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St. Andrzej Bobola church

Local name: Kościół św. Andrzeja Boboli

This temple was built at the beginning of the 18th century as one of the so-called "churches of grace" - objects that were part of a settlement between the Protestant King of Sweden and the Catholic Emperor. The historic church is characterized by an interesting architectural structure and a large, though austere interior.

The temple has a wooden frame structure filled with brick. Attention is drawn to the 49-meter-high tower, which in the past was even higher, but had to be reduced for fear of falling. The church was originally a Protestant temple, which results in the raw appearance of the interior devoid of decorations and decorations. It fell into the hands of the Catholic Church in 1945.

An extremely valuable element of the temple's furnishings are the nineteenth-century, 33-voice organ, equipped with three keyboards, wind braces and a bellows.


Attractions inside

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    Aleja Spacerowa 256-300 Milicz , Poland