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Church of Christ the King

Local name: Kościół pw Chrystusa Króla

The oriented, neo-Gothic church was built on the plan of a Greek cross. Inside, equipment from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries has been preserved, including a neo-Gothic organ from 1898 and 14 paintings of the Way of the Cross by Julian Waldowski. Currently, it serves as a branch church of Christ the King of St. Anna.

The building has survived almost unchanged since its inception. Its façade is quite distinctive as it is borrowed from the Tyrolean architecture. The church is distinguished by a square, quite high tower with a half-timbered structure.

The temple was erected thanks to the foundation of Heinrich von Salisch around 1898 for the local Evangelical community. After 1945, it was abandoned by the Postolian church. In 1950, the Catholics took it over.


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