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Regional Museum of the Sulmierzyce Land

Local name: Muzeum Regionalne Ziemi Sulmierzyckiej

The museum is located in the wooden Town Hall from 1743. It is a Grade A monument considered one of a kind in Europe. It consists of ethnographic, historical, and archeological exhibits. One of the most interesting is the late-Gothic baptismal font and the oldest in Greater Poland target range of the civilian archers’ fraternity from 1882.

The ground floor presents archeological exhibits while the collection of currencies, clocks, and kerosene lamps is displayed in rooms of the old quincha. The first floor contains the collection of richly decorated guild's chests, folk costumes, and monumental furniture. There is also the exhibition dedicated to milling in old mill "Jakub" from 1795.

The Town Hall was built of pine wood on a rectangular plan. Its hipped roof is covered with wood shingles and topped by a tower. The building is surrounded by arcades supported by oak poles from three sides.


Attractions inside

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    Rynek 163-750 Sulmierzyce , Poland