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Wojnowice Castle

Local name: Zamek na wodzie

The Navigable Castle in Wojnowice is an example of a Gothic-Renaissance defensive knight's seat. Not many such objects have survived in Poland. Currently, the interior of the building perform hotel, conference and restaurant functions. An additional attraction organized in the area of the facility is a knights' tournament, during which you can admire the struggles of brave warriors and archers, as well as medieval dance shows.

The castle was built in the fourteenth century on the water. Special wooden pile constructions were used for this purpose. Initially, it consisted of three wings, later a fourth was added, thanks to which an open courtyard was created inside. Of the defensive elements, only the moat surrounding the castle has survived to this day. The building can be accessed by a brick bridge on the north side. The entire residence is surrounded by an atmospheric park.


Attractions inside

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    Zamkowa 255-330 Mrozów , Poland