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Regional Museum

Local name: Muzeum Regionalne

Established in 1957, the Regional Museum in Lubań presents its collections in the Town Hall (hundreds of exhibits related to the history of the city and the region, including photographs, lithographs, old prints, paintings) and in the Bracka Tower, where the exhibition "Minerals of Western Sudetes" is located. Collected on it, among others unique specimens of quartz from the Jeleniogórska Valley, amethysts from the Giant Mountains and a collection of agates.

The exhibition at the Town Hall also presents items found during excavations carried out in Lubań: ceramic and glass vessels, agricultural tools and handicrafts. Separate exhibitions include: a collection of veterans' souvenirs related to the activities of the Union of Military Settlers in 1945-1948 and amateur artistic works of local artists collected since the 1980s.

The town hall is the most valuable monument of Lubań. Its construction began in 1539. In the following centuries the building burned many times - the last great fire took place in 1760. The building was renovated in the first decades of the nineteenth century. During World War II, the Town Hall was seriously damaged and threatened to collapse. It obtained its present shape during the reconstruction of 1962-1972, when it was restored to its original Renaissance form.


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