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St. Jadwiga's Basilica

Local name: Bazylika św. Jadwigi

The impressive monastery complex stands in stunning architecture, at the same time is an important monument of history. Sacred band of the eighteenth century complements dividing the buildings in half the church of the Holy Cross and Saint Hedwig, as well as a cemetery and monastery garden in the Baroque style. The vested in the vicinity of the fifteenth-century Church of the Holy Trinity is the Museum of the Battle of Legnica. Its history is not fully known, but the beginning of its existence is considered finding corpses son of Henry II after the battle of Legnica by his mother, who had set up in his honor a church. The emergence of the monastery, however, is a mystery and we know about him only that for 1,523 years resided here Benedictines from the Czech Opatowice. After years of Protestantism Benedictines returned to Legnickie Pole in the eighteenth century in and then initiated the construction of the standing still of the church and monastery complex, which was designed by Kilian Ignatius Dientzenhofer. Monastery church has two towers, along with the buildings creates a regular rectangle surrounding an inner courtyard. During the war it housed a Oflag VIII f. Since 1961, the buildings are the seat of the Nursing Home.


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