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Legnica Cathedral

Local name: Katedra Legnicka

The monumental temple has many great works of art, the most valuable is pentaptych depicting religious scenes - the only monument of Gothic painting. Cathedral lies a mighty baroque altar from 1769, the sixteenth-century, Renaissance stone pulpit, the thirteenth-century Romanesque baptismal font with a bronze in the shape of a chalice, statues of the Apostles, numerous epitaphs. In one of the chapels of the church there is a sarcophagus in the late fourteenth century. Duke of Legnica Wenceslas I and his wife Anna Cieszyn. In the temple they are also rich sculptural decoration and valuable paintings. Outside the building they are preserved precious stone portals, including two of the fifteenth century. Great cathedral in Legnica was founded in the fourteenth century, and the current neo-Gothic appearance gained after the reconstruction at the end of the nineteenth century. Currently legnicki red brick church is a nave with six spans. The nave is covered with a vault network. In 1992, John Paul II established Legnica temple cathedral. In 2003 he underwent renovation, after which the church regained its former glory.


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