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Copper Museum

Local name: Muzeum Miedzi

Occupying a Baroque building from 1728 the museum presents a collection showing the history of mining, processing and use of copper, such as mining and metallurgy techniques or engraving over the centuries, as well as the beginnings of Polish goldsmiths and the history of the city and its inhabitants from the Middle Ages to the present day. The exhibits include everyday objects and products Legnica craftsmen and artists, as well as paintings of Legnica and maps, plans, old postcards about the city. You can admire the ceramic products, iron, dishes secular and liturgical art objects made in workshops jewelery, precious paintings and sculptures. In the museum is the largest in Lower Silesia lapidary, which is of the outdoor exhibition. The collected exhibits depict historic architectural elements and sculptures, which were mounted on the walls and pedestals prepared. Lapidary is available free of charge from April to October. Copper Museum operates since 1962 and its current headquarters ranks among the most valuable monuments of Baroque architecture in Lower Silesia.


Attractions inside

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    Partyzantów 3 Legnica , Poland