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Legnica Piast Castle

Local name: Zamek Piastowski

Piast Castle in Legnica is the oldest masonry fort in Polish. Much of the building is the seat of educational institutions. Tourists has been made available recently unveiled a Romanesque chapel in the courtyard of the castle and the towers of St. Peter and St. Jadwiga. Near the gate of the courtyard is a copy of the sculpture of John of Nepomuk, which is a reminder of the moat. The original of the eighteenth century. Recently moved to Legnica lapidary. With the recent revitalization of the castle regained its former glory and is a major attraction of the city. The origins of the object dates back to the turn of the twelfth-thirteenth century. The castle was founded on the initiative of Prince Henry the Bearded and at the time of building was considered one of the most powerful stronghold on Polish soil. In 1675 he moved into the possession of the German emperors. In the eighteenth century, King Frederick II ordered to dismantle the fortifications and the castle lost its defensive character. Until 1945, it had established the German authorities regency Legnica. During the battle of Legnica in 1945, the castle went up in flames and largely destroyed. Only in the years 1962-1969 building completely rebuilt, and then allocated the seat of the municipal educational institutions.


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