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Museum of the Battle of Legnica

Local name: Muzeum Bitwy Legnickiej

Collections commemorating the legendary battle of Legnica have been exhibited in the Church of the Holy Trinity vested in the vicinity of the monastery. The exhibition includes copies of documents and drawings, mock-up of an illustration of the battle, which complements the verbal commentary of the speakers, a copy of the tomb of Henry II and a collection of militaria from this period. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday hours. 11.00-17.00. The exact history of the church is not known, but it is believed that it was founded by the mother of Henry II the Pious in the place where the body was found fallen ruler. According to the beliefs of the church is present, a medieval building, well preserved to the present day. Other data say that earlier on the site of the church was a chapel, which was replaced by the temple in the fourteenth century. In the presented collection stand out is that all the military are only replicas of alleged weapons of battle, because during excavations not found any of her remains.


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