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Old Town Hall

Local name: Stary Ratusz

The Baroque Old Town Hall is an architectural gem of the Legnica market square. Since 1977, the building has been in use of dramatic theater, and after revitalization in 2007-2008 it houses theater offices and dressing rooms of actors. There is also a stylish town hall cafe in the building.

Built in the first half of the 18th century, the town hall was the seat of the city authorities until 1905. When the small building ceased to suffice from the dynamically developing Legnica, the city authorities moved to the new headquarters. The building deprived of its owner underwent a major renovation, which was completed in 1929. The building obtained at that time has preserved to modern times. In the interwar period, the Registry Office was located in the Old Town Hall. In 1945, the building - like most representative buildings in the city - was taken over by Russians stationed in Legnica.

In 1965, the town hall was taken over by the Polish authorities. After a thorough refurbishment, it became the seat of the Legnica culture center, and later the Teatr im. Helena Modrzejewska in Legnica.


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