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St. Mary's Basilica

Local name: Bazylika Mariacka

Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven, commonly known as Saint Mary's Church, is not only one of the biggest and the most important Cracow's churches but also one of the most famous monuments in Cracow and Poland. Its fame is owed by the wonderful architecture, and also the sculpture masterpiece from late gothic - the Altarpiece by Veit Stoss. This national treasure was made between 1477 and 1489 and is the largest gothic altarpiece in the world.


St. Mary's Basilica itself is also gothic and was built in the 14th and 15th century. The main altar is not the only one work by Veit Stoss in this place. In the 15th century, the sculptor from Nuremberg also made the stone crucifix placed in the late baroque altar, which closes one of the side naves. The 16th century Renaissance treasury where richly decorated vessels and vestments are stored is equally interesting. Some of these treasures can be viewed in the Archdiocese Museum in Cracow.


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plac Mariacki 531-042 Krakow , Poland