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Krakus Mound

Local name: Kopiec Krakusa - Kopiec Kraka

Krakus Mound is one of the five mounds in Kraków. It is the second oldest object of that type in the city (the first is Wanda Mound). The exact time of its construction and purpose aren't fully known. There are few theories on that subject. In the past, it was related to Rękawka tradition. Today, it is a popular viewpoint where the panorama of the whole Kraków, its monuments and area can be admired.

According to Jan Długosz, the mound is a grave of the city's founder - King Krak. However, archaeological research contradicts that. The roots of oak which, during cut probably had 300 years, were discovered on the top. It can indicate that it was a place of a pagan cult and the tree was probably cut during the introduction of Christianity.

Rękawka, an Easter festival, was celebrated here. Stalls and carousels had been placed from the mound to the church of Saint Benedict of Nursia. Wealthy citizens rolled sweet cakes, fruits, bagels, eggs, and coins down the slope of the mound. The festival is organized to this day.


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