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Nietoperzowa Cave

Local name: Jaskinia Nietoperzowa

Nietoperzowa Cave is located in the Będkowska Valley, in the town of Jerzmanowice. It is one of the largest caves of the Cracow-Częstochowa Upland, it is over 300 meters long. Its attraction is a huge stalactite waterfall. Flocks of bats also live here. The cave is illuminated and adapted for sightseeing.

The name of the cave comes from the bats living here today, and from the excavated remains of fossil bats. During excavations, fangs of cave bears and the remains of prehistoric human camps were also found here. In the 19th century, bat droppings were obtained in the cave, which were used as fertilizer. In 1997, Jerzy Hoffman shot scenes for the movie "With Fire and Sword".

The cave consists of a large chamber and corridors. Here you can see elements of the dripstone, such as a waterfall or vortex boilers. The cave can be reached via the blue trail from road 94, where there is a parking lot.


Attractions inside

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