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Wojanów Tower and Gate

Local name: Baszta i Brama Wojanowska

Wojanów Gate was a part of the defensive complex which guarded the road to Wojanów. It served as a city gate until 1763. It is decorated with Rococo cartouches with coats of arms of Jelenia Góra, Silesia, and Prussia, and the commemorative inscription.

The oldest mentions of this place come from 1480 when the gate's tower collapsed because of strong wind burying five people under its rubble. At the end of the 19th century, it was dismantled and moved to the area of the then barracks. After the thorough renovation in 1998, it was moved back to the previous place.

The upper part of the gate consists of a clock. The entire construction is covered with a tented roof and topped by a roof lantern. The cobblestoned outline of foundations of medieval Wojanów Tower can be spotted in front of Wojanów Gate.


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    Konopnickiej 58-500 Jelenia Góra , Poland