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Sandefjord is a city by the fjord of the same name. In the past, it was the informal capital of Norwegian whalers, and is now known primarily as a resort town. Nice wooden buildings have been preserved here, and the area is full of picturesque walking routes.

The city doesn't have a very long history. It developed into a resilient center only at the beginning of the 20th century, on the wave of the whaling boom. In the past it was only a small fishing village, like many on the Norwegian coast. However, at the peak of whaling, Sandefjord Harbor was packed with whaling vessels. This thread in the history of the city is recalled by the Whaling Museum and the Monument to the Whale and Whalers standing on the main square, surrounded by a fountain.

Among the attractions of Sandefjord is its wooden buildings from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The oldest district of Bjergatta consists of wooden, white-painted houses covered with tiles. In the center you can also see a wooden church and wooden houses imitating brick villas known from other European countries. All this makes the city very idyllic.

It is completed by red summer houses on the coast, also outside the city center. Many of them are located on rocks, which are used as sunbathing places in summer. Due to its picturesque nature, the whole area is perfect for walking and hiking. One of their targets is the historic sea sign Tønsberg Tønne standing on a rocky headland.

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