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Vestfold is the smallest district of Norway and at the same time belongs to the most densely populated parts of the country. In the past it was the center of the Vikings' state and today there are the most traces of their civilization in the whole country. The coast is known as a place of summer rest, and in the hinterland you can go skiing in winter.

Along the Vestfold coast there is a string of small towns that increase the number of inhabitants several times in summer. The most popular are Sandefjord, Tjøme and Stavern, where you can relax on stone and sandy beaches.

In addition to the coast, the region's most important attraction is the traces of its past associated with the Vikings. It was here that the largest Viking boat, unearthed in its entirety, was unearthed, which is being presented in a museum in Oslo. Among the numerous archaeological sites of the early Middle Ages, the largest burial mound cemetery in Europe stands out. Burial mounds can also be seen in Molen, Gokstad and Gulli.

Molen is also a treat for geology lovers. The local moraine and other glacier formations are protected under the UNESCO Geopark.

In the past, Vestfold was a whaling center. Today, these traditions are reminded by the only Whaling Museum in Europe in Sandefjord. One of the five "ends of the world" on Earth is another very interesting place. It is located near Tønsberg in the Færder National Park and offers a magnificent view of the skylark coast and the endless sea. The stone house standing here was built in 1932.

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