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Royal Palace

Local name: Det Kongelige Slott

Det Kongelige Slot, or the Royal Palace in Oslo is the official seat of the Norwegian Royal Family. It was built in the classical style. It is here that King Harald V meets with leaders of countries from around the world. Some of the chambers are open to tourists. The building was entered in the register of Norwegian monuments.

The palace was built in the first half of the 19th century. There are 173 rooms and a chapel. The building is surrounded by a large garden, available to tourists throughout the year. Its decoration are monuments, including by Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, depicting well-known and distinguished figures - mathematician Niels Henrik Abel and writer fighting for women's rights - Camilla Collet.

Tourists who visit Oslo in the spring may 17 May (Constitution Day) see the royal family greeting their subjects from the palace balcony.


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