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Cultural History Museum

Local name: Kulturhistorisk museum

Historisk museum, or the Historical Museum in Oslo connects three institutions: Universitetets Oldsaksamling (Museum of Antiquities), Universitetets Myntkabinett (Cabinet of Coins and Medals), Etnografisk museum (Ethnographic Museum). Visitors will see here, among others a collection of antique weapons and Norwegian coins from thousands of years ago.

In the part about the history of Norway, you can admire the exhibition devoted to the Vikings, their traditions, fighting techniques, costumes. Exhibited here are, among others mysterious stones with runic inscriptions and gold jewelry.

The numismatic part is a collection of old coins from different regions of the world, for example, specimens from ancient Rome are worth attention.
The ethnographic museum presents the history and customs of various cultures from around the world, including Laplanders and peoples from Africa and Asia.


Attractions inside

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    Frederiks gate 20164 Oslo , Norway