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Oscarshall Palace

Local name: Oscarshall

Oscarshall is a small holiday palace, built in 1852 by Danish architect Johan Henrik Nebelong on behalf of King Oscar I and Queen Josephine during the union between Sweden and Norway. The building is located on the Frognerkilen fjord. Since 2013, there is also the Queen Józefina Gallery here.

In 1881, King Oscar II opened the palace door for visitors. The building together with the adjacent garden is one of the best examples of neo-Gothic architecture that can be found in Norway. What's more, it is also a representative of the romantic national style popular in this country in the nineteenth century. The interior of the building is equipped with the works of Norwegian artists and craftsmen, among which appear the names Joachim Frich and Adolph Tidemand.

The palace belongs to the Norwegian state and is put at the disposal of the king. Official ceremonies, concerts and public events take place here.


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