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House of Tsar Peter the Great

Local name: Czaar Peterhuisje

The wooden hut holds souvenirs from the stay of Russian Tsar Peter I in the Netherlands. It was once the home of the blacksmith Gerrit Kist, while his present name is the House of Tsar Peter the Great in Zaandama. It enjoys great popularity among tourists, especially Russians.

An interesting history associated with the Tsar Peterhuisje is taken from the biography of the Russian Tsar. Young Piotr I stayed in Zaandama for a week in 1697 and in order to learn the ins and outs of building shipbuilding he employed an incognito in the local shipyard as Petty Officer Piotr Michajłow. Working together with shipyard workers for several days to gain knowledge for the Russian state, which was very poorly developed at that time. The sleeping corner of the tsar was just obtained in the hut of the local blacksmith, Gerrit Kist, who was the only one who knew the real identity of Piotr Mikhailov.

This wooden cabin was built in 1632 and is thus one of the oldest wooden houses that have survived to modern times in the Netherlands. The place also became the destination of many crowned heads, including Vladimir Putin.



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