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De Gekroonde Poelenburg windmill

Local name: De Gekroonde Poelenburg

Crowned Poelenburg is the name of a wooden sawmill windmill in Zaandam. Poelenburg is unique - only five specimens like this remain in the Netherlands. In its heyday it was used for sawing wood. Located in the windmill museum in Zaanse Schans. Has the status of the national monument of the Netherlands.

Poelenburg Mill is a building with a rich past. The original windmill was probably built before 1731 in Zaandam, but it burned down completely in 1903. In its place another windmill from 1866/1867 was moved, which however fell apart in the early 1950s. It was restored in 1964 at Zaanse Schans, a historic open-air windmill museum. We currently admire it in its original form: painted green is one of the most colorful mills in Zaanse Schans. In the middle of Poelenburg is an old cast iron upper shaft from 1866.



De Gekroonde Poelenburg windmill map
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