Local name: Boterwaag

De Waagh is located in the city of Nijmegen on the central square of Grote Markt and is one of its most beautiful architectural attractions. The building was designed by Cornelis Janssen from Delft and was built in the years 1612-13. Today it belongs to the national monuments, and inside there is, among others, a restaurant.

De Waagh is an example of old Dutch architecture with Renaissance elements, reminiscent of the style of the work of Hendrick de Keyser, an Amsterdam sculptor and architect. The building was restored in 1886 by Dutch engineer Jan Jakub Weve and has survived to this day practically intact even despite the events of World War II.

In ancient times, De Waagh served as a place to weigh goods imported by traders. What's more, there was a meat hall on the ground floor, and the army guard rented the rooms on the first floor until 1885.



Butterwaag map
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