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Saint Servatius bridge

Local name: Sint Servaasbrug

Sint Servaasburg is the name of the arch-shaped bridge on the Meuse river in Maastricht. The name of the stone passage comes from Saint Servatius, who was the first bishop of this Dutch city. Sint Servassburg is widely regarded as the oldest bridge in the Netherlands.

The limestone bridge is intended for pedestrians - it connects the Binnenstad district on the west bank of the Meuse with its eastern part: the Wyck district. It consists of seven arches supported by seven pillars and its total length is 160 meters. A steel drawbridge with a length of 54.5 meters was attached to the footbridge.

The first wooden bridge in this place was built already during the Romans in the 1st century AD. He collapsed, however, under the weight of a huge procession in 1275, and 400 people died during this disaster. The bridge was rebuilt a few years later and survived despite the test of time to this day. His image was illustrated on a Dutch postage stamp in 1968.


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