Dekema State

Local name: Dekema State

Dekema State is the name of a small estate in the well-known town of Jelsum. In this age-old manor built on the water, visitors can learn about the living conditions of the Frisian landed gentry living here over a hundred years ago. The area around the property is up to 6 hectares of land and together with Dekema State reflects the atmosphere of historic times.

We will see beautiful historical gardens with rare species of flowers, orchards, a kitchen garden or tree-lined promenades around the manor. The property itself is a majestic house on the water, fenced by a moat, through which a drawbridge leads. Inside you will find historically furnished rooms, decorated with a gallery of portraits, antique furniture and valuable souvenirs telling about the history of Mills in the Netherlands.

Visitors to Dekema State will receive a guide in English, which contains a description and information about each room for individual visits. Snacks are served on the terrace and veranda.



Dekema State map
Dekemawei 59057 LC Leeuwarden, Netherlands