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Friesland lies partly on the mainland, and partly on the Islands closing the shallow Wadden Sea. It is a region that in the past was synonymous with the Netherlands, from which cheese traditions, as well as merchant and sailing traditions, are derived.

The region is very much associated with the sea, but also with agriculture, especially the breeding of Friesian cattle and black Friesian horses.

The most interesting part of the province are the Frisian Islands, Ameland, Vlieland, Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog. You can get to them through the Wadden Sea, whose level is rising due to climate change. The islands and their cultural landscape with traditional farms and lighthouses are on the UNESCO list.

The capital of the region is the small town of Leeuwarden, with canals, windmills and preserved nineteenth-century buildings. There is the Frisian Museum here, where you can see exhibits related to the culture and history of the province.

Frisians are famous for their passion for sports. Ice skating and water sports are the most popular. Every year, when the canals and lakes freeze, a 200-kilometer Race of 11 cities takes place on them, in which tens of thousands of people take part.

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