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Žabljak is the most important mountain resort of Montenegro. It lies in the heart of the Durmitor mountains, not far from their highest peak Bobotov Kuk. In the summer, it is the center of mountain hiking, while in the winter you can go skiing and snowboarding.

Until the end of World War I, Žabljak was a small mountain town inhabited by shepherds. During the interwar period, it became a popular summer resort for the inhabitants of the Balkans and tourists from Italy. However, as a large tourist town it developed only during the time of Yugoslavia, when campsites, hotels and tourist bases were built.

The town has modern and quite chaotic buildings. Here and there you can still see traditional wooden houses. What brings tourists here are above all the mountains.

In summer, you can go hiking and cycling. Popular hiking trails lead to the highest peak of Durmitor Bobotov Kuk and to glacial lakes. The most famous of them is located within the town of Crno jezero.

Near Žabljak there is an important landscape attraction of Montenegro, one of the deepest canyons in Europe, hollowed out by the river Tara. Here and there its walls are 1300 m high. A massive 172 m high Durdevica Bridge is built above the canyon. Rafting is organized on the Tara River, and you can bungee jump from the bridge.

In winter, Durmitor is the most important ski area in Montenegro. There are three ski slopes in the area, Savin kuk, Štuoc and Javorovača. You can also go cross-country skiing.

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