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Upper Barrakka Gardens

Local name: Ġonna Barrakka ta 'Fuq

Upper Barrakka Gardens are located on the upper floor of the St. Bastion built in 1560. Piotr and Paweł. Originally they were a resting place for the Knights of St. John French - one of eight language-national groups in the structure ruling the city and the island of the Order of St. John. They were opened to the public after the end of the French occupation in 1800.

The focal point of the gardens is the oval fountain, around which flower beds with trees and decorative plants are arranged. Among the greenery there are many sculptures commemorating, among others important figures from the time of British rule - including Winston Churchill and Gerald Strickland, Prime Minister of Malta in 1924-32 - and a replica of the famous work of Antonio Sciortino, Les Gavroches.

The gardens offer a panoramic view of the port. Saluting Battery is located on their lower floor - eight guns, of which a salute is given daily. The battery is operated by members of the Malta Heritage Society wearing British Artillery uniforms.


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